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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 26, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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cup team takes the net by storm. good morning, everyone and welcome to "msnbc saturday." it's 9:00 on the nose here on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. former vice president dick cheney's in the hospital this morning after seeking medical keer yesterday in washington for discomfort. mike viqueira is outside the george washington university. good morning to you. i know that the vice president, you can't ever be too cautious given his history. >> that's right. and here's what we know. according to a spokesman, yesterday in washington and incidental incidentally, he maintains a residence here in washington. he came to see his doctors here on the campus, which if you're familiar with the area is about three or four blocks west of the white house itself. they took a look at the vice president and suggested
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apparently that he be admitted to the hospital where he is and we pekts him to say here according to a spokesman throughout the weekend. everyone is aware of the health challenges, particularly the heart challenges he has had. he had his first heart attack in 1978 at the age of 37. ten years later, quadruple bypass surgery. 2001, a pacemaker implanted in his chest. the most recent of his five heart attacks was in february of this year. a familiar local, unfortunately, for the former vice president. we do expect him to remain here throughout the weekend. we do not know specifically what's wrong with him or that it has to do with his heart, but he has that history. >> thanks so much. some big, new developments this morning in the gulf of mexico oil spill as the disaster
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enters day 68. forecasters are keeping a close eye on tropical storm alealex. > meantime, bp says it's making progress on drilling two relief wells. the company says those wells are on target for completion by mid august and an unusual protest along a florida beach. student artists are lining up bottles of dawn detergent. they say it sends a message about the feeling of hopelessness due to the onslaugt of the oil. let's get more on tropical storm alex. it's too early to tell where this storm will hit, but it could deal a devastating blow. for more, let's go to bill karins. good morning. how's it looking? >> i'm feeling more confident this is not heading for a direct hit on the oil spill which is a
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relief. that criteria is gail force winds. we want them to continue drilling those relief wells. if they get gail force winds predicted, they have to evacuate the workers, that takes five days to get them back. regardless, we have this storm out there. at this point, it's not very powerful, just very large. the bright red is where the thunderstorms are. they cover honduras, belize and all the way up to cancun. thankfully, it will go over land tonight. that's the yuk can, so the land will weaken in. then, it will go to the southern gulf of mexico. there, the water is warm and it will take two or three days for it to reach northern mexico or the texas coastline. a huge area of high pressure that's giving clear skies, hot temperatures and light winds, that high is going to steer alex
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into the southern gulf. then it's going to bend up the coast as it gets close to northern texas. what you need to know -- since it's going to be a larger sto stormit is going to have increasing waves, winds and thunderstorms. they may not have to evacuate and that's a key. here the projection from the hurricane center. they keep the tropical storm into the gulf and take it towards the border. the new forecast will out at 11:00 a.m. >> thanks so much. let's head to venice, louisiana and charles hadlock. what's the latest on the containment effort as this storm is churning in the western caribbean? >> reporter: they're watching it very carefully because the coast guard says it needs five days
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notice in order to get personnel and ships away from the drill site, which is about 50 miles off the coast here in venice, louisiana. there are about 1500 personnel working on the rig. they would have to be evacuated and admiral allen said it would take about five days to do so. none of the vessels are capable of handling a hurricane-type situation. that's a criteria. if the winds get above 46 miles an hour, they would have to abandon it and they need five days notice to do that. >> ground support operations. how much might they be affected? >> reporter: here's the concern. as the storm moves towards texas, it has counterclock wise winds which will shoef the sea water into the other direct and with that, would be the oil on the surface. that's the concern for folks in alabama, mississippi and
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louisiana. we're afraid we're going to get hit more with the tide of oil as the storm gets closer to texas. >> thank you, charles. we are learning more about the louisiana federal judge who struck down the six-month ban on oil drilling this week. a report shows u.s. district judge martin feldman owned eight energy investments, but in an attachment to the report, he said he sold that exxon mobil stock this month when he was hearing the oil spill case. he wants to own stock in transocean, the company that owned the doomed deepwater horizon rig. the government is appealing his decision to strike down the deep water drilling ban. for more on the oil spill and a timeline of events, logon to our website. prince harry's in new york
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city today. this afternoon, he's going to try his hand at america's favorite past time. throwing out the first pitch at today's mets game against the twins. we'll have more on his royal visit coming up. world leaders gathered in canada will turn to attention to nuclear weapons this morning after failing to reach a consens consensus. the group will tackle foreign policy issues this morning before heading off to the g-20 summit in toronto. that is where the world economy will once again take center stage. >> i hope we can build on the progress we made last year by coordinating our efforts to make sure a crisis like the one from which we're still recovering never happens again. >> joining me live from toronto, chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, alex. >> if we look at what's happening, we've got the g-8 leaders that are still pretty far apart on how to fix the
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economy. can you look at the sticking points here and if the eight leader are unable to come to a consens consensus, what does that mean for 20? >> it's the same debate that's happening in america. this tug of war, whatever you want to describe it as, between government stimulus an deficit reduction. you have some countries like germany and great britain and canada who have decided they're just going to pull back on some of this government spending. and you have the united states saying, yes, we all know we have to worry about spending and start worrying about the deficit, but don't pull back too fast. it's like on one hand, some say there's a lot of disagreement. on the other, they say, they sort of agree in principal, but the actions are speaking volumes. that said, i want to pick up on something, you played a clip of the president, i believe it was from the youtube address and
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what he was trying to hint at is this issue that frankly, american banks are worried about and that is the reforms that are going to go into effect in the united states. the goal that the president has is to get other g-20 nations to do similar restrictions because the fear is if they don't, if there are a few banks that end up being loopholes, in essence, you could end up having in the same way, in the united states, delaware is the place where everybody incorporates corporate america because of their tax laws. well, nobody would want to see american banks all of a sudden registering in another country. >> you're referring to the president saying he wants to build on the process by coordinating our global reform efforts. what's on the president's agenda today? where does he go? >> today, he comes back, they wrap up this g-8 meeting.
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it is sort of antiquated. the g-20 is more important because it includes china, brazil, india. they all converge here in toronto and he has a lot of one-on-one meetings. his first with david cameron since he became prime minister of great britain. he's got a one-on-one meeting with president hu and the south koreaen president. particularly with the two asian leaders, you're going to have talks about more than just the economy. >> okay. good to see you. see you next hour. thanks. passengers on board a continental airlines jet arrived in texas a little shaken up this morning after their plane was forced to make an emergency landing. it departed late yesterday from mexico, but had to land in san antonio after the crew announced there was a problem with the air conditioner. >> when they started descending at a fast rate and the oxygen
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masks came down, it was pretty stressful. scared every. >> a spokesperson says the plane lost cabin pressure and some complained they felt tightness in their chests. they waited about three hours before resuming their journey. today is do or die time for the u.s. world cup team. in just a few hours, they're going to try and settle a score four years in the making. sarah palin pulls in money for a school with a lot of talk. and harry's here and there. we are charting the latest doings of the prince's u.s. tour. stick around. it's the most powerful resource on earth. and at ge, we're using it, right now, to create innovative technology that will improve the health of our economy... the health of the earth... ♪ ...and the health of its people. ♪
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world cup hopes are riding
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on today's match. team u.s.a. has a shot at payback. ghana knocked them out in a heartbreaking loss four years ago. ian williams has the latest from rustenburg, south africa. >> reporter: good morning to you from rustenburg, where we are counting the hours before that big game between the u.s. and ghana. ghana team is strong and athletic and of course, they knocked the u.s. out of the last world cup. the u.s. team has a score to settle with ghana, but they also know the last african side left in the tournament will be no pushover. >> it's going to be a difficult game, but we believe we have a real chance to win it. >> reporter: on paper at least, the u.s. is the stronger team. it's now down to the last 16 and from now on, it's instant knockout for the losers. >> we've got confidence that we can play with anyone and so we'll see how far we can go now.
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>> reporter: the army of u.s. fans, thrilled by the u.s. world cup performance so far, but perhaps hoping the team doesn't leave things quite as late as it faced algeria. landon donovan's goal coming in the last gasp of the game. >> they will take you on a ride you've never been on before watching soccer. no team ins this tournament have given their fans this many heart palpitations. >> reporter: the spirit and passion of this u.s. team has earned them a great deal of support locally, as well as among traveling fans. among the fans who will be packed into the stadium tonight is former president bill clinton. but i'm not sure just how loudly he's going to be cheering because he apparently lost his voice during that match against algeria wednesday. >> at least he's a fan. thanks so much. well, if you didn't know
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that the home buyer tax credit had expired, the latest numbers are a stark reminder. new home sales collapsed in may, dropped a full third. the home sales have sunk 78% from their peak in july 2005. joining us now, an manamanda fr "money" magazine. is this just a prolonged dip in the housing market? what attributed to this sharp drop? >> it's disappointing because it's worse than expected. numbers that are going to come out are so distorted because of this tax credit. >> that really played into the upward tick of sales. >> absolutely. there was a huge spike. you had a sign a contract by the end of april in order to qualify for the tax credit. there was a huge spike in sale
9:18 am
answered then come may and june, there's going to be a falloff because essentially, we just brought off demand. >> so you'd think this would maybe spur on the concept of another home buyer tax credit. is there any discussion of that out there? >> unfortunately, you never know. they said it's going to ebb and they have extended it, but the more likely scenario that there is discussion about today is just two extend the closing date for the one we already have. right now, for the previous tax credit, you had to sign by the end of april, a contract, but then had to close by the end of june. it takes a couple of months to closing. experts are saying that about 200,000 people are taking too long in the closing process and therefore, they're going to miss that tax credit. they're not going to make the deadline. there's a lot of talk about moving up that, or back that june 30th deadline until
9:19 am
september. these people, they did the right thing. they signed their contract by april 30th and because it's just taking so long to close today, they were going to miss the tax credit. >> you'd think that with mortgage rates being so low rk that would be another incentive for people to jump in. >> of course. that's the thing. we're talking a 30-year fix, that's lower than they've been in the past 50 years and no one really saw these low mortgage rates coming. that said, mortgage rates are only one factor when it comes to buying a home and even with those low rates, it's not enough to ignite sales. >> we'll talk again. thanks so much. a cash strapped california university is defending its decision to hire sarah palin to headline a campus fund-raiser. officials at california state university tell the press last night's gala grossed $450,000.
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users of the new iphone say a problem with a device causes it to lose service. the message from apple, deal with it. responding to complaints that holding it a certain way can block signal. an editor says consumers are not happy. >> saying like it's going to be better reception, but at the
9:24 am
end, it turns out when you touch it, the connection drops. >> maggie, let's show people what we're talking about. here's the iphone 4. this is how you hold it, in your hand, you're talking, looking at it. it's on. right here is a line where these two metal bars intersect. there it is. that line, if you cover that up with your finger, that's going to be a problem. that's where the antenna is. so, is this a problem with every phone built this way or is this just getting a lot of attention? >> i don't think it's been a problem with every phone. cnet has tested a lot of phones with the antenna in the bottom and we haven't found problems with it. for some reason, it is an issue with this phone. they've kind of done something different with this antenna where they sort of built it into the outside of the phone a
9:25 am
little there. >> right. but building it in here, honestly, people hold these phones, you don't want to drop them. they're not cheap. you have to cradle this in your hand, whether you're working on it or doing like this. if you're talking like this and with the solution to the problem, get a case for it. okay. that's great and that may solve the problem at a cost. an additional cost of $25 for consumers. >> yeah, it's -- i believe it's a design flaw, but you know, in apple's defense, they're trying to fit bigger battery, faster processor into these phones and they're trying to make it even thinner and thinner. there are some design trade-offs, but you want to phone to work. it's a phone. >> of course you do. is this a problem that apple new about before issuing it? >> i think they probably did because they were sort of pushing the bumper case, the
9:26 am
silicone case around it. i don't want to come out and accuse them of putting out a product they knew was flawed, but they probably had an idea this could be an issue for some customers. >> people are buying it though. sold like a million in the first day. we'll get those hard numbers. thank you very much. >> thanks. okay, folk, now feast your eyes on princess abbi frances, the world's ugliest dog. she won the contest last night in california. a veterinarian says the dog's curved back and legs and closed up left eye might be the result of some in-breeding. beauty in the eyes of the beholder. you're watching "msnbc saturday." ♪ well, if you come from the hood ♪
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it is half past the hour and here are your fast five headlines. dick cheney is back in the hospital. he was admitted friday evening after experiencing some discomfort. the first tropical storm of the season has formed and forecasters say this could be a laits bad news for bp. that 15,000 acre wildfire in arizona is now 50% contained. fire facials say it will take about another week to get under control. the u.s. soccer team prepares to take on ghana this afternoon. the united states is trying to win a second match since 1930. and edwin jackson is the fourth to throw a perfect game.
9:31 am
he'll take into accout. there is some positive signs this morning in pensacola, florida. officials there have lifted health warnings and reopened the beach for swimmers. the move comes after large pools of thick oil washed ashore earlier this week. let's go to mark potter. i know this beach is open there again. it looks brighter and whiter in days past, but that doesn't mean the clean-up crews aren't there. >> reporter: the reason it's whiter is because there are no tourists here to foul the view at all. there's nobody on this beach except clean-up crews and nobody's in the water. yes, they did lift the ban and the beaches are much cleaner now. they've been working day and night to clean the beaches. there's a stain along the water line there from the oil and down below the sand, if you dig, you'll find oil.
9:32 am
you go just a mile toward the condos, away toward the public view and you'll find the tar balls are still on the shore there. there are some clean-up grews there, not as many as in this area, so there are still problems here and the biggest of all, at least economically, is that the tourists just aren't coming here. they had oil here a couple of weeks ago and now they've had it again. orange beach, alabama had oil yesterday and the day before, so it keeps coming in. that's a big problem for the managers here. they don't know when the stuff is going to come in. as soon as they get it cleaned up, they get another glob of oil. it's a difficult situation, economically, ecologically. looks nice now, but how long is this going to last is the question people here are going to ask. >> emotionally as well. with regard to what's coming and the weather, that would add
9:33 am
insult to injury if this tropical storm makes landfall there. what's the latest you're hearing there. >> reporter: for it to come here, it would have a make a big loop away from what the national hurricane center is saying. they have it going into mexico. that's a week out and those forecasts cannot accurately be made, so everybody here is still watching it. they're hoping it holds on that track, not wishing a storm on anybody else, but feeling that it would be horrible if it were to come in here. any of that oil offshore could be pushed inside and we talked about how it could disrupt the clean-up efforts. right now, fingers crossed, that's not going to happen. but they're certainly watching carefully for any ano, ma'aml -
9:34 am
forecast. jan brewer painted with a broad brush when describing the illegal immigrants crossing into her state. she said the majority of them were drug mules under the direction of demanded the gover retract her statement asking her to produce hard data on her claim. politicians in as many as 18 states say they want to push immigration measures similar to arizona's new law. the new law is scheduled to take effect in about a month, on july 29th. it will require police to check the immigration status of anyone they think is in the country illegally. michael jackson's father marked the one-year anniversary of his son's death by bringing a
9:35 am
wrongful death lawsuit. he's seeking over $75,000 in damages in a lawsuit claiming professional negligence against dr. conrad murray. murray has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges. the st of the jackson clan paid respects to their brother in glendale. all eyes will be on south africa where in just hours, the united states will take on ghana in the world cup. team u.s.a. will be vying for a spot in the finals of the world tourname tournament. the loser goes home and the winner goes on to play another day. for more, i'm joined by eric. good morning to you. you know what this whole feeling is like. you've played in the world cup, been on that field. what's going through the minds
9:36 am
of the players as they have about four and a half hours before game time? >> we're learning a lot about this team. i would like to say they're nervous and human, but they're playing out of their skins right now and i really feel they are just excited and ready. this team, since this world cup has started, has been fantastic. i'm, as a fan now, no longer a play player, more nervous than ever. >> are you nervous about this game coming up? look at ghana versus the u.s. on paper and the stats. there was a lot of emotion around this one, too. >> there's a history. that's the other problem. last time we played in a world cup, we were knocked out by ghana, so i think that as far as we're concerned as a soccer nation, we're up against it today. basically, ghana's the only team left, they're going to get a ton of support. our guys just got to weather the storm and keep doing what
9:37 am
they're doing. hopefully sooner than later. they've been making us wait for the goals. i expect them to win today. >> is there a different mentality and strategy when you go from these group rounds to the knockout phase? this is do or die. i mean, how much does that put further pressure on them? >> it's not further pressure. i allows you to stop thinking about all of the implications and the points and what if they win. it's now just all down to one game. i think our guys are going to be hutch more comfortable in that kind of scenario. they're a team that has showed at times they can be a little bit sketchy in the back, but they're going to take their fair share of goals and this team can have some offensive weapons, but for the most part, i think we're going to break out of our shell, finally find the back of the net a few times. hopefully sooner than later and this team will progress. if they get past ghana, the road
9:38 am
to the semifinals is not a very difficult one. we're hoping for the best today. >> yeah, and you talk about these late games where all the action is there and it makes you wait. from the fan perspective, are you kidding me. come on. for the guys, does it make them more exhausted after the game or play so much adrenaline to that thrilling finish that that's what carries them. >> that's a good point. i think the adrenaline of this will stay with them for a good week. i don't think it will really take that much out of them. somebody once said to me, if you achieve greatness, take a moment to recognize your accomplishment and then humble yourself immediately or the gave game will do it for you. so i think this team will be very redd for this. they've enjoyed a great run. i've never seen america get behind the team the way they are right now. so if you're out there, try and just -- make a little wish, a
9:39 am
little prayer, just think positive thoughts. send them to south africa if you can't watch the game. if not, get in front of the tv at 11:30 today. >> you bring up a good point, sort of the effect this is having on u.s. soccer and where it's going to go from here. thanks so much. >> it's going in the right direction for you. you're we can. video made by a college student on the last u.s. win brought at least one of the hurricanes of thousa hundreds of thousands to tears. landon donovan -- the video brings tears to my eyes every time. thank you so much, we can do it. anyone for ice cream?
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still no sign in new york city of the man shown on video mugging an 85-year-old woman. oh, come on. who does that? this video shows him going after her purse. the woman falling there on the ground, but then he turns and helps her help back on her feet. she received facial injuries in that attack. in indiana, a woman is under arrest for allegedly trying to steal another couple's baby. janet shamlian has this story. >> reporter: authorities say this is the face of desperation. 34-year-old stephanie foster wanted a baby.
9:44 am
badly. and this indiana home was where she reportedly tried to get one. after suffering a second miscarriage, the indiana woman didn't tell her husband, officials say, and instead rk spent months faking a pregnancy by stuffing pillows under her clothing. >> she would fill that up to make it expand as if she were growing. >> reporter: she targeted a family with a newborn baby boy. >> right now, we are going to say she did not know them. >> reporter: detectives say she stopped at the home of ashley spear and asked to use the phone, then stabbed the new mom. her husband tried to stop the attack when he was stabbed, too. both will survive. >> it is weird. absolutely off the tv, soap operas. >> reporter: through it all, the newborn slept peacefully and was not hurt.
9:45 am
now the woman who appeared desperate to nurture a life may face charges of attempted murder. now to the box office. revealing details of the latest "twilight" movie. just four days until its debut. >> no matter what. >> you don't know what you're getting yourself into. >> i'm going to fight for you until your heart stops beating. >> here with the hottest hollywood headlines is editor at large for "life and style weekly." this was a big premier this week. let's talk about that and the expectations for this one. huge. >> it was a huge, huge night for team edward and jacob. more than 3,000 fans camped out to catch a clipkach catch a gli.
9:46 am
"new moon," one of the biggest opening weekends ever. "eclipse," i predict at least that number. it is going to stand out as one of the biggest openings. of course, fans are excited. we're really excited and you and i, very excited. >> my daughter and i can't wait to go. but with regard to details being released about one of the stars passed. >> we're talking way past. robert pattinson, it has been discovered by, he is actually related to dracula. i guess vampires are in his blood. >> all right. let's get to another big franchise we've been talking about. that would be the highly anticipated film involving the lord of the rings preqeul, the
9:47 am
hobit. >> the director stepped down a few weeks ago. now, it looks like that peter jackson is going to step in and direct two hobt hobbit films. this is huge news. "lord of the ring" grossed $2.96 billion at the box office worldwide. it earned a slew of oscars. >> like what they're doing with the last harry potter book and shooting it together. okay. i could start quoting some of it but i'll do it on commercials. what about the big weekend at the box office, how's it looking? >> "toy story 3" is going to reign this weekend. beating out the two newcomers. "grown ups," which was going to earn about $40 million despite awful reviews.
9:48 am
and the tom cruise, cameron diaz movie, "knight & day." i saw it. it's a really fun, summer popcorn flick. >> what do you think it is that's not allowing these two big stars to put it together? >> i think we're in a different climate now where just because of you have a huge name actor doesn't initially translate into big numbers at the box office. also, tom cruz i think really sabotaged himself with the couch jumping. >> i'm going to go on your recommendation any way. >> thank you. concert ticket sales are not hot tickets right now. many artists are cancels tours because of their lackluster sales. some industry analysts are calling this the worst summer for touring since the 1990s and they say the economy is to blame, but go see the eagles. they're so good. ♪
9:49 am
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a husband trying to say one final good-bye got his wish. he was traveling to utah from south africa with his late wife's ashes. he put the suitcase in a bag and checked it. he arrived in utah. the bag did not. the family reached out to the airline and local news stations. after a 36-hour wait, that bag was located. her final wish to have her ashes scattered near the homes of her children and grandchildren was fulfilled. thnchts afternoon, new york baseball fans will turn into royal watchers. britain's prince harry is slated to throw out first pitch to the minnesota twins. he is doing some straining exercises with the u.s. troops and visiting the u.n. and even
9:53 am
playing in a polo match. ashley, good day to you. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, as always, alex. >> let's talk about the highlights of the prince's visit so far. tell us what's in store for him. what have you been following? >> well, you know, prince harry is there, really, for this charity polo match which he's playing tomorrow which is in aid of an african charity that he founded. it's very dear to his heart to help one of the poorest countries on that continent which is a place he's visited many times. now this polo match tomorrow is going to bring out a lot of celebrities and probably hopefully raise a lot of money for this cause. but, you know, harry's also been spending a lot of time at west point. he's been spending time with u.s. veterans and speaking to some of them that have been injured, really praising our troops. talking about the relationship between britain and the u.s. and how that can improve. it comes at a very good time, i think, considering the state of relations with this bp oil spill at the moment. >> yeah, good point there.
9:54 am
let's look at the prince, ashley. he's 25 years old. lieutenant in the british army. what are your impressions of him both on this trip and just overall, the way he's conducting himself these days? >> well, this is a kind of area in which harry really shines. you know, he's taken a lot of flack in the press for partying too much, for not being very academic in school. and, yet, you know, when it comes to meeting with people, greeting people, being charming and easy going, making everybody laugh, he really seems to have his mother, princess diana's touch. really a special gift for connecting with people. and, you know, when he did go to afghanistan, he was there secretly for several weeks, about ten weeks with british troops until the media found out and it became too dangerous and he had to come back. but he really excelled as a soldi soldier. he's been called a sharpshooter. he is trained as an apache helicopter pilot. so this area is one in which he excels tremendously. he is really shining. he's really good at it and doing
9:55 am
a great job. >> how loved is he in the british press and just in general by british citizens over there? as you well know, in the past, he's taken quite a beating. and he's, you know, been raked over coals for his behavior. >> he certainly has. but there seems to be kind of a renewed love affair with prince harry at the moment because, i think, people feel they can relate to him. he's always very honest about his faults, his flaws. and, you know, he's really in a much easier role than his older brother who, you know, bears the mantle of being the future king. for harry, he's able to kind of relax a little bit more, enjoy himself. and really the pressure is off him to some degree. and i think british people particularly are enjoying the man that he's becoming. >> what about the relationship with chelsea davey? where does that stand? you hear reports that it's off. is it off? >> well, alex, you're guess is as good as mine. it is not officially off. you know, these two have broken up and gotten back together more
9:56 am
times than i can count. the latest problem seems to be that chelsea very much wants to move back to africa permanently which, of course, prince harry is not in a position to do right now. everyone that i've ever talked to who's friends with harry says that she is definitely the love of his life. it is his greatest love, for sure. and they believe these two very well could end up together. chelsea is a very independent woman. i heard her called the paris hilton of zimbabwe. she does not need prince harry in some respects. these two are so young. it remains to be seen if they'll make it happen. >> i know you'll keep an eye on things for us and let us know. thank you very much. >> of course. a clothing retailer's returning to its risque roots to boost sales s this any way to appeal to teenagers? you're watching msnbc saturday. [ female announcer ] number one dad lost his number one status
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